Our vision is a global culture where older adults are vital contributors to more engaged and equitable societies.


The Encore Network is a coalition of leaders who champion the civic, social, and economic contributions of people 50+ by creating community, stimulating learning, and inspiring action to transform the encore stage of life.

Core Values


We seek to broaden the ethnic, racial, gender, religious, age, sexual orientation, and socio-economic makeup of our network.


We foster a trusting environment in which all are respected and engaged in the pursuit of our mission.


We nurture an environment where all are empowered to be their authentic selves and fully contribute.


We harness the power of working together to achieve peer-driven outcomes.


We convene a variety of voices and perspectives in service to all.


We take risks, experiment, and embrace change to find new and better ways to achieve our mission.

Our Story

Since its 2011 launch, the Encore Network has grown from an ad hoc group of innovators to a significant force in the encore movement. That growth has been powered by members’ deep experience and commitment, with strong support from Encore.org. Key successes include:

  • Powerful connections:  The Network strengthens its members’ visibility and effectiveness by:
    • Developing shared action opportunities in regions and states like Ohio.
    • Leveraging member volunteer platforms, ebooks, program content, tools and other resources.
    • Engaging local audiences in national conversations through book tours by Encore.org leaders Marc Freedman and Marci Alboher.
  • Resources and Research: Network members developed resources including the Encore Talent Works toolkit, contributed to research projects including the Encore Impact Study (2015) and Pathways to Purpose (2018), and leveraged leaders’ expertise through resources like the Framework’s Institute Reframing Aging toolkit.

  • Collective Action and Impact:  In connection with the 2015 White House Conference on Aging, Network members collaborated to highlight the value of older adult experience through regional forums and shared messages.

In October 2020, the Network transitioned from being an Encore.org program to operating independently under the fiscal sponsorship of Colorado Nonprofit Development Center (CNDC). The Network will continue collaborating with Encore.org to advance the encore movement.

Our work is guided by a Leadership Council of Network members:

  • Chair Janine VanderburgDirector, Changing the Narrative
  • Secretary/Treasurer Noreen Willhelm, Senior Fellow, Dayton Foundation Del Mar Encore Fellows Program
  • Lenora Inez Brown, Senior Fellow, Cleveland Leadership Center, Director of Advanced Leadership Institute: Inspired by Carl and Louis Stokes
  • Doug Dickson, Chair, Encore Boston Network
  • Kathy Hallissey, Program Leader, Leadership Development, Cleveland Foundation
  • Rimas JasinExecutive Director, PSS
  • Paul Weiss, President, Oasis Institute
  • Craig Young, Founder and Executive Director, Inspiring Service