Since its 2014 formation, the Conscious Elders Network has been a leader in helping individuals embrace the wisdom that can come with age, and develop that wisdom; it has also engaged members in activism, primarily related to climate change. At a fall 2018 planning session, the leadership team redefined its mission to focus on action: “creating a movement of elders focused on actively addressing our nation’s critical social, economic, and environmental issues.” To support the new mission, leaders also adopted a more relevant name: Elders Action Network. The Network will partner with organizations offering conscious elder/sage-ing programs to support members’ personal growth.

Making the most of this evolution, Elders Action Network will migrate to a new website to better communicate “who we are, what we do, and how people can get involved” said co-founder John Sorensen. “We will be aiming for a more dynamic look and feel—we are not thinking or acting small, and we want to communicate that energy. By year-end—if all goes well!”

For more information, visit the Elders Action Network website here.

Published: December 2, 2018