Research over the past 10 years has made a compelling case for what we’ve instinctively know all along: people over 50 make excellent employees. In fact, mixed-age work teams are more innovative, productive and profitable than single-age teams. And they are more stable. Turns out that the presence of older workers keeps younger workers in place longer. Despite these and other convincing factors, many employers have not gotten the message. The research comes from scattered sources and is not easy to translate into action. To close this gap, The Encore Network has summarized the findings and presented them in 18 easy-to-use pages that lay out the research and how it translates into policies and practices that some employers are already using to attract and retain older workers to improve their results. Our goal is to make this transformative information available to employers at a time when they are seeking solutions to workforce shortages that people over 50 are ready and able to meet. This Guide is sponsored by the Age-Friendly Institute and AARP.

Contributed by:
Doug Dickson