In 2019, Changing the Narrative launched a project bringing together people across generations to have structured conversations about ageism, and how we experience it at different points in our lives. Over 600 people from across the world participated in 60 in-person conversations within 10 days.

Why did we do this?
Ageism—the stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination against people on the basis of their age—is pervasive! It can be directed at younger people or older people. Either way, it reduces opportunities and diminishes us all.

The great news is that research shows that education and intergenerational connection are effective in reducing ageism. When we come together to share our perspectives, our attitudes about age and people of a different age shift. We can discover what we have in common. And we can all participate in changing our biases and taking concrete steps in our lives to reduce ageism.

Our goals with the on the same pAGE campaign are to:
• Increase understanding of ageism and its adverse effects
• Have us think about why ageism exists and what we can collectively do to address it
• Motivate people to continue to talk about it, and more importantly, to identify actions that we can take to address it

In 2020, as the pandemic interrupted plans for in-person conversations, we created a virtual toolkit.

This toolkit provides you with some activities and guidelines for facilitating the conversations. Feel free to tailor to make them your own, and to reach out with any questions.

Contributed by:
Janine Vanderburg