More than 50 nonprofits, employers, program operators, matchmakers, government agencies, advocates, academics, journalists & others join together to strengthen communities in Eastern Massachusetts by engaging the talents of adults 50+.

As a coalition of organizations and professionals, the Encore Boston Network (EBN) works to:

  • Connect the talents of experienced adults with organizations tackling society’s problems.
  • Collaborate with each other to increase our collective impact.
  • Challenge and help eliminate ageism in the workplace and our communities.

EBN delivers support to three audiences: Individuals, employers and advocates. Four strategic goals guide its work:

  • Align and strengthen our members,
  • Educate the community about the encore movement and promote our members and initiatives,
  • Balance the supply of and demand for encore talent, and
  • Build our backbone staff and organization.

EBN is leveraging its power as the lead for the Generation to Generation campaign in Boston, forging new relationships with youth organizations. The goal is to improve outcomes for young people, make the case for encore as a human capital strategy, show results, create advocates, and learn how to build efficiency and scale.

Learn more: Encore Boston Network