Reframing The Narrative Presents – Many Voices, One Choir: Reframing Aging on Social Media

Older Americans Month is coming up, and the theme is Communities of Strength. Imagine if we combined our collective voices and social media platforms to elevate these issues, using the principles of reframing aging:

  • The value of older adults to our communities, workforce and economy
  • The business case for older workers, and the very real benefits of intergenerational teams to the volunteer and paid workforce
  • Age discrimination, and how it hurts not only older people, but also our communities and the economy.
  • Innovative solutions and programs, including YOURS!

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to use the principles of reframing aging in your social media, focusing on content for Facebook, Twitter and LInkedIn
  • The stories we want to ADVANCE, and those we want to AVOID
  • Simple ways to create engaging memes, visuals and graphics that engage your clients, members, volunteers, donors and larger audiences
  • Free places to find visuals
  • How to grow your audience
  • How we can amplify each others’ voices

More than just a workshop, however, Many Voices, One Choir is a CALL TO ACTION!

In a time when the pandemic and other factors have exposed ageism, we can use our collective voices to share compelling messages simultaneously, to increase the impact of our work.

Following this workshop, you’ll receive access to the following resources:

  • A recording of the workshop
  • A tips and tricks from the pros resource page
  • Access to a FREE shared content calendar for the entire month of May, which will include sample language, graphics, links, and other assets for each day of the month
  • Inclusion of your events and assets that advance reframing aging principles on our calendar and social media.

The single bundled price for the workshop and accompanying resources: $19

Go to the event link to register.