The Transition Network Presents: The Power of Feminine Leadership

Feminine leadership is a style adopted by leaders of all genders that places an emphasis on empathy, humility, and relationship dynamics. This style delivers a more considered—rather than impulsive—decision-making process and subsequent action. Whether you’re leading a company or a team at work or mentoring children or young professionals, this style is associated with innovative approaches and greater success.

Join us as Lyne Frank, Global Sisterhood Circle Facilitator, leads us in circle as we release our ideas, emotions and beliefs that hold us back. Lyne will explain the four agreements we will uphold in circle and then begin a conversation about feminine leadership. She’ll ask us some guided questions for an intuitive share, lead us in meditation and a short writing exercise, encourage us to reflect on our experience and help us understand how to use feminine leadership in our everyday lives.


The event is finished.