Experience Matters, a longstanding encore movement leader based in Maricopa County, Arizona, has a long tradition of hosting an annual fall lunch and recognition event. Its 2017 honorees are profiled below; they’ll be front and center at this year’s November 17 event at the Camelback Inn.

Experience Matters Encore Impact Award. Diana Gregory is practically a poster child for the encore movement. After a successful, 30-year career, Diana retired from Anheuser-Busch and wasted no time addressing issues close to her heart: access to nutritious food and serving older members of our community. As a result, Diana founded Gregory’s Fresh Market in 2009, and since then has worked to bring fresh, healthy food and resources directly to veterans and the elderly.


Change Maker Award. The BHHS Legacy Foundation has supported projects, programs and organizations that improve health and quality of life for those who are most in need. Since their founding in 2000, they have invested over $85 million in our community.

As an early, visionary contributor to Experience Matters, BHHS Legacy Foundation has seen the value of encore opportunities, and has demonstrated a commitment to bringing skilled adults 50+ into local nonprofits, where they can contribute their experience, time, and talents in meaningful ways.


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Published September 19, 2017