The Seoul 50Plus Foundation’s visionary work to engage older citizens is one of 10 programs showcased in the OECD’s recent Embracing Innovation in Government report. The report focuses on three major topics related to public sector innovation:

  • Inclusiveness and vulnerable populations (including older adults)
  • Systems approaches and enablers
  • Identity

Researchers reviewed 276 submissions and identified Seoul 50Plus as a high-impact program, noting that its work addresses the needs and characteristics of citizens aged between 50-64 and enables them to remain active, work and participate in community life. As part of the 50+ Policy, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is establishing a comprehensive infrastructure with a foundation, campuses and centers across the city, and redefining “work” in an era of aging populations.

Read about the Foundation’s work on pages 89 to 93, including demographics, the policy and service model (with multiple reference to encore careers) and its results and impact.

For information on Seoul 50Plus, contact Ayleen Jung, Program Manager, Policy Development Division.

Published: March 22, 2018