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Betsy Werley
Director of Network Expansion

Betsy Werley leads the Encore Network. She joined Encore.org in 2013 after her first encore as Executive Director of The Transition Network. Betsy spent 26 years as a corporate lawyer and a business executive at JPMorgan Chase. Her experience as President of the Financial Women’s Association was the catalyst for her move to the nonprofit sector; Betsy continues there in a volunteer role, leading the FWA’s Baruch College mentoring program. Read more

Helen Dennis
Co-Founder, Project Renewment, Founder, Helen Dennis Associates

Doug Dickson
Chair, Encore Boston Network

Therese Ellery
Senior Program Officer, Aging, the Rose Community Foundation

Emily Merritt
Director, Intergenerational Initiatives, Alliance for Strong Families and Communities

Nancy Peterson
Vice President, Encore.org

Barbara Raynor
Founder and President, Double Nickel Strategies

Bevan Gray Rogel
founder and President, Encore Tampa Bay

Janine Vanderburg
President and CEO, Joining Vision and Action