Journalist and author Mark Miller has covered the Encore movement for years as part of his reporting on retirement and aging for Reuters, AARP Magazine and The New York Times. His latest book deals  with an important Encore theme: how traumatic life events can lead to growth and change that put people on a path to social purpose.

Mark began researching the subject when he noticed it was a frequent phenomenon among Encore fellows and Purpose Prize winners he interviewed for feature articles. “I would ask what motivated people to change the direction of their lives, and after a while, I could just sense when I was about to hear a very painful, traumatic story,” he recalls. Jolt: Stories of Trauma and Transformation tells the stories of people transformed by growth following trauma, and the new paths that they pursue. Some are on missions to help others or to make things right in the world, while others embark on new careers. Some people simply find that their relationships grow deeper, or seek a stronger spiritual dimension in their lives.

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Published: February 23, 2018