Looking for new ideas to enhance your diversity/inclusion efforts? Our new resource helps you identify opportunities and potential partners and shares success stories and online resources.

We all recognize the importance of including underrepresented groups in our work, but it can be hard to figure out what steps will make a difference. The Encore Network is committed to moving the needle on diversity and inclusion through discussions, resources and webinars.

The Network’s diversity committee has created a resource that provides ideas, success stories and a wealth of online material, from single-issue articles (Harvard Business Review’s “There’s No Excuse for All-Male Panels”) to websites offering comprehensive information (Racial Equity Tools, with over 1,700 resources for individuals and community groups). Many thanks to team members Jay Bloom, Linda Braun, Linda Friedman, Dorothy Keenan, Tera Qualls and Jane Royer.

To support members in your work, we’re launching a “special interest group” that will meet regularly to share challenges, ideas and information. Interested?

Contact Betsy Werley, info@encorenetwork.org

Published: March 24, 2017