On November 21, the Stanford research team, Anne Colby, Matt Bundick and Katie Remington shared early findings from a U.S. national study of purpose beyond the self in men and women aged 50-92.

The goal of the study is to illuminate the prevalence and nature of purpose in later life and to apply these insights to cultivation of purpose in others. To discuss implications of the research for encore programs, respondents included: Jim Emerman, Executive Vice President of Encore.org; Jenni Frumer, CEO of the Alpert Center for Family and Children’s Services; and Corita Brown, Director of the Generation to Generation Learning Labs.

The Pathways to Encore Purpose (PEP) is a multi-year study of purpose in life among adults between mid-life and old age. The study includes a national survey of 1200 adults and interviews with a subsample of 102. It is a collaboration between Encore.org and the Stanford Graduate School of Education. The study is funded by the John Templeton Foundation.

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