Ohio encore and age-friendly leaders are building on momentum from their August gathering, developing a research report, recruiting additional participants and planning a 2020 gathering that will include policy makers and legislators. Thanks to co-leads Noreen Willhelm (Dayton Foundation Del Mar Encore Fellows program) and Lenora Inez Brown (Legacy Leaders program, Cleveland Leadership) for sharing progress notes.

Two groups have started work:

  • Report on the state of aging in Ohio: Donna Kastner, Retirepreneur; Harvey Sterns, University of Akron; Sherrè Collier, Del Mar Encore Fellows.
  • Expanding the coalition: Simone McNitt, Vantage Aging; Tim Angbrandt, ANG Marketing Group; Karen Hrdlicka, Vantage Aging; Carol Ventresca, Employment for Seniors. 

A 2020 gathering is taking shape, most likely in spring 2020, near Columbus, the state capital. 

Leaders are now recruiting a steering committee and planning team, and identifying a tech tool to support their work. If you’d like to get more involved:

  • Steering committee, contact Lenora here.
  • Meeting planners, contact Noreen here

Group communication and document sharing. The group needs a tool that’s free, that allows for sharing of documents, chat and messaging. They’re considering Slack and SamePage. If you have any recommendations, send your feedback to Lenora.

Published: December 17, 2019