The Life Planning Network is a national community of professionals from diverse disciplines helping people redesign and navigate the second half of life. It has an impressive track record of collaborative projects including a book (Live Smart After Fifty) and a leadership training program, Advocacy Leadership for Positive Aging, that engages service providers and volunteers working with older adults in bringing a positive aging perspective to their activities.

This summer, LPN launched a new mentoring program, Paired-2-Learn (P2L), which will connect encore-age members with recent college graduates or mid-careerists, to help them find jobs, learn about life planning topics, and address individual concerns of these developing professionals. Mentors will be supported with an orientation, background materials and group sessions to share experiences.

P2L will provide support to younger professionals, spark intergenerational dialogue and attract younger members. Each new member will gain an accessible national network, career-building learning opportunities, expanded ways to navigate the job market, and the opportunity to contribute to LPN’s growth.

If you’re a life planner interested in connecting with younger generations – or an organization that wants to build membership through mentoring – P2L offers a valuable model.

For more information, contact LPN co-president Joyce Cohen.

Published: August 22, 2019