Nonprofits need encore talent as staff and skilled volunteers, but how can Encore Network programs make the connection? Join forces with your state nonprofit association or the National Council of Nonprofits to power growth through greater visibility and new connections.

Joining Forces with the National Council on Nonprofits

In 2016, the Encore Network forged a new relationship with the National Council of Nonprofits, a trusted resource and advocate for 28,000 nonprofit members, 43 state nonprofit associations and allies. The Council is partnering with the Network to get the word out about the Encore Talent Works toolkit. A 2016 Encore Network webinar with the Council’s Vice President Jenny Chandler highlighted three trends and issues affecting nonprofits:

  • Encore talent opportunities: Opportunities for experienced talent reside in familiar areas, such as communications, technology, finance and human resources, as well as relatively new specialties, including government contracting, data-gathering and analysis, compliance and interim leadership roles.
  • Financial trends: Many nonprofits, especially those with government funding, are facing increased demand for services but lower funding. Potential limits on state and federal charitable deductions create additional threats.
  • Advocacy: Successful nonprofits invest in advocacy as well as program delivery. Public policy efforts can yield transformative change, particularly when board members play high-impact roles as advocates in their communities.

Connecting with State Nonprofit Associations

“Targeting state associations gives us an opportunity to find appropriate partners and leverage their extensive connections,“ according to David Harrison, board chair of Network member Boomerang Giving and former chair of the Washington Nonprofit Association board. “They have broad geographic reach, many have mastered webinars and other virtual meeting tools, and some are already looking for encore expertise. Encore organizations can educate state association staffs on the value of encore talent and where to find it. Network members can also benefit from state association training.”

Some Encore Network members are partnering with their state associations.

  • In Connecticut, Encore!Hartford partners with the state’s nonprofit association to publicize recruiting and internship opportunities, present “State of the Connecticut Nonprofit” symposia, and provide senior speakers and meeting space.
  • In Michigan, the Grand Rapids Encore team, Business Consultants for Nonprofits and the Michigan Nonprofit Association collaborate on nonprofit training, using Encore Talent Works and other resources.

Learn more:

  • Contact Jenny Chandler to request an introduction to your state’s association.
  • National Council of Nonprofits tools and resources and newsletter.
  • Stand for Your Mission, a resource created by BoardSource, the Council of Nonprofits and others to support board leaders as advocates.
  • Check out the webinar slides or view the webinar replay.