The encore movement is making great strides, but we have a long way to go in connecting with diverse communities and making our work inclusive.The Encore Network puts a high priority on diversity and inclusion, sharing resources and success stories and connecting with leaders of underserved communities to build productive relationships; we offer quarterly member sessions to move that work forward.

Our first member session engaged a dozen members who talked about how our work will benefit from expanding participation. Read notes from that February discussion, and refer to the Network’s Diversity and Inclusion resource for ideas.

Read notes from our second session here: D&I Notes – 18-5-8. A few headlines:

  • Core team – to move the work forward between our quarterly conversations, Betsy is working with coach Demarra Gardner. She’s also forming a small team to shape agendas, identify resources and fresh perspectives. Participants include Linda Braun, Steve Higgs, Amy Papranec and Dot Keenan (founder of Fairfax County VA based GrandInvolve, recruiting people 50+ for elementary school tutoring and mentoring). If anyone else wants to join the core team, please let Betsy know by Friday May 18.
  • Ideas for future programs:
    • Fall, probably October – practical tips to be more inclusive in your outreach and programs, led by Demarra Gardner.
    • Speakers of color, sharing insights about their organizations, their work, other relevant topics.
    • A working session where we identify organizations and leaders we want to connect with, strategize about how to make those connections and how to get the discussion started – please comment on whether this would be valuable.

For more information, contact Betsy Werley

Published: May 11, 2018