The Encore Network and are a powerful combination. As we support each other’s efforts, our 1+1 add up to at least 3. This month, I’m highlighting the Generation to Generation Encore Prize and its value to all of our work. I want to get you fired up to tell your clients, grantees and members about the Prize and encourage them to sign up. You’re connected to efforts that support young people; the Encore Prize will help them engage 50+ adults in their work. Your work, as well as theirs, will benefit as the Prize expands the encore ecosystem.

If you’re skeptical about prizes (“no one I know ever wins”) – good news. Everyone who participates will win by strengthening their work and learning about experienced talent.

How does it work? The Prize will award a total of $100,000 to five finalists tapping people 50+ to help young people thrive. The Prize also does much more to develop encore opportunities. All applicants will have access to the Encore Prize Accelerator, an online platform with customized learning to refine their ideas. They’ll also get detailed feedback from three reviewers.

The team has added more coaching in this year’s process: 25 semi-finalists will be matched with Encore Coaches for 12 hours of coaching over four to five months.

Previous participants valued the learning and coaching support. A 2017 participant, Goodwill North Central Wisconsin, said, “Thanks so much. This has been such a phenomenal process. We will be in a much better position to start our project because of all we’re thinking through.”

The Prize team has ambitious goals: 200 applicants, all of whom develop stronger Gen2Gen plans, with 25 high-potential ideas strengthened through the Prize process.

Timing: Applications open April 16 and close May 25; semifinalists announced July 31; finalists announced October 1; winners announced November 14 at’s leaders summit.

I’m fired up – now what? This toolkit with social media posts, newsletter pieces and graphics make it easy to promote the Prize. Questions? Contact Prize lead Janet Oh.

Thanks for joining colleagues across the country in promoting the Prize. Your investment will pay dividends for all of our work.

Published: March 21, 2018