The UK continues to be fertile territory for programs focused on the longevity dividend. British encore programs include Network members Nesta (supporting innovation and learning in many areas including volunteerism) and the Age of No Retirement, as well as the International Longevity Centre, Now Teach (late-career teacher transition support and placement) and the Centre for Ageing Better.

In November, a new entrant, the Longevity Forum, launched as an incubator for new ideas related to longer lives. Founders Andrew Scott (The 100 Year Life) and Jim Mellon (Juvenescence) believe the UK has an important role to play due to its unique convergence of skills in the areas of science, technology and finance. The Longevity Forum takes a two-pronged approach to the demographic realities of a globally ageing population: scientific research to extend the lifespan and social and behavioral changes needed to adapt to this age of longevity. We’re pleased that the Forum has also joined the Encore Network.

Longevity Forum 2018 participants Andrew Scott (co-founder), Laura Carstensen (Director, Stanford Longevity Center), Julia Randell-Khan ( Senior Fellow)

At the well-attended kickoff, Laura Carstensen, Stanford Center on Longevity Director, gave the keynote speech on the new map of life. Marc Freedman inspired the audience with his vision of an encore life stage and the power of intergenerational connections.

Encore Fellows UK – 2019 pilot  At the Forum, Andrew Scott and Julia Randell-Khan, Senior Fellow, announced plans to launch a UK Encore Fellows program starting with a February design session and June 2019 pilot. The program is modeled on the US Fellows structure, with new approaches including a pre-tirement” offering (an 80:20 model where employee opts for 80% of salary and works one day a week at a non-profit); a mid-career short-term nonprofit secondment and an “executive in residence” short term, intensive Encore fellowship. NowTeach is one of the first non-profits to sign up as a work host.

For more information, contact Julia Randell-Khan here.

Published: December 1, 2018