From our friends at the International Federation on Ageing, doing important work at the United Nations:

Until now, there has been no requirement for United Nations member states to collect and analyze data on the numbers and characteristics of people age 50 and over. Without statistical evidence, it has been difficult to make a substantive case for the growing needs and concerns of the older population.

An exciting breakthrough has occurred, The Statistical Commission, at its 49th session, has approved the establishment of the Titchfield Group (UK) on ageing-related statistics and age-disaggregated data.  Its objective is to develop standardized tools and methods for producing data disaggregated by age and ageing-related data, and to encourage countries to do so, by playing a leading role in the development and communication of new standards and methodologies.  Existing issues and deficits in data on ageing will be addressed.

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Published: May 23, 2018